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Exchange 2013 DAG Content Index State Failed

By February 17, 2014November 13th, 2020Blog, Exchange, Microsoft

When setting up a Exchange 2013 Database availability Group (DAG) for the first time, you may run into an issue where the database’s Content Index State is listed as “Failed”.  This won’t affect day to day operations, but it will prevent the database from failing over.

The fix for this is simple, the Exchange 2013 setup /adprep command leaves out the creation of an AD group which is required for this index to function.

You will need to create an AD Group called “ContentSubmitters”.  Once created, ensure you have your ADUC Advanced Features view set, then open the security properties of the group.  Add “Administrators” and “NetworkService” and give them each full control.

Next, you will need to stop the “Microsoft Exchange Search” and “Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller” services.

Once these two services are stopped, you can delete or rename the index directory located with the database edb.

Next start the two stopped services.

You should now see the Content Index State in a “healthy” status, which will allow you to fail your database over to other DAG members.

Joe Hanning, PEI

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