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Evolution of the Virtualized Desktop

By September 7, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog, News, PEI News

Evolution of the Virtualized Desktop

San Francisco, August 31, 2010– At VMworld 2010 VMware announces View 4.5

PEI’s infrastructure engineers have been anxiously awaiting the release of VMware’s View 4.5, available in the coming weeks.  View 4.5 promises a virtual desktop solution that enables organizations to implement a scalable desktop architecture with improved security, lower operating costs, reduction of valuable IT resources for desktop deployment & administration with a centralized management console.  Providing secure access to a growing mobile workforce is painful.  Ensuring secure access to applications and data from any device, anywhere at any time is the future of enterprise computing.

VMware View 4.5 enables you to manage tens of thousands of virtual desktops and applications from a centralized console while simplifying provisioning, configuration, management, connection brokering, policy enforcement and application assignment.  Hosting virtualized desktops centrally also prevents data leakage by utilizing VMware vShield Endpoint.  VMware vShield Endpoint is designed to eliminate the need for anti-virus agent footprints by enabling the offloading of anti-virus and anti-malware functions to hardened, tamper-proof virtual machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid & Cost-Effective Windows 7 Migration- Reduction in time to implement & migrate from legacy O/S.
    • Cost Advantages-Utilizing View 4.5 & VMware’s unique tiered storage allows you to create a secure, flexible & highly responsive virtual desktop on existing client devices for under $252.00 per user according to VMware.
    • Offline Desktop Access- Securely access desktops while disconnected from the network.
    • Expanded Administrative Capabilities- Role based administration & simplified reporting.
    • Integrated Application Assignment-Distribute & manage application disbursement thru a centralized management console.
    • Improved User Experience- Optimized delivery across the WAN and LAN.

Market surveys by Tend Micro in 2010 state that nearly 75% of enterprise firms have VDI on their agenda, 60% have a strategy and 21% are currently using a VDI solution.  VMware reports that View 4.5 is proven to reduce operational costs when deploying Windows 7, by up to 50% while increasing security and regulatory compliance.

Please consider PEI a resource and ask us to assist you with a Desktop Virtualization Assessment.  This service will allow you to determine how best to implement desktop virtualization in your environment and meet your organizations business needs.