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Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) Licensing Options

By May 7, 2018September 18th, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics, Microsoft, Security
EMS Licensing Options

UPDATED: 7/5/2019

Security is a major concern, if not the largest concern, when it comes to cloud computing for all organizations—large or small. With the increasing prevalence of malicious attacks, security and compliance has become a top priority for today’s modern work place. In this blog, we’ll be covering Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) licensing models, features included with each license, and the affiliated costs with each option. Keep in mind that each license is based on a per user per month model. EMS can be added to any O365 license and is designed to keep employees flexible and productive while securing sensitive data.

For an overview of the features and capabilities of all the technologies mentioned in this post, please see our Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Security Solutions.

Option #1: Enterprise Mobility and Security E3.

  • Cost: $8.74/user/month
  • Includes: Azure Active Directory Premium P1, Intune, Azure Information Protection P1 and Advanced Threat Analytics

Option #2: Enterprise Mobility and Security E5.

  • Cost: $14.80/user/month
  • Includes: Azure Active Directory Premium P2, Intune, Azure Information Protection P2, Advanced Threat Analytics, and Cloud App Security

Option #3: Microsoft 365 E3

  • Cost: $32/user/month
  • Microsoft 365 E3 not only includes EMS E3, but also includes Office 365 E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Option #4: Microsoft 365 E5

  • Cost: $57/user/month
  • Includes Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 E5, and EMS E5

Option #5: Choose an Add-on Plan

If you’re considering deploying Enterprise Mobility and Security as part of a Microsoft 365 Plan, one primary decision factor might be price. While Microsoft 365 E5 does offer a vast array of features, the $25 difference in price between the E3 and E5 Microsoft 365 plans is steep.

To help bridge this gap between customers who want Microsoft 365 E3 but need a few more of the security features provided by Enterprise Mobility and Security E5, Microsoft now offers two plans you can use as add ons to your Microsoft 365 E3 environment. For a more in-depth look at these plans and their capabilities, see Microsoft Security and Compliance Packages.

Identity and Threat Protection

  • Cost: $12/user/month
  • Includes: Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Office 365 Advanced Protection Plan 2, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Active Directory Plan 2

Information Protection and Compliance

This packages is designed to give organizations advanced data governance and compliance capabilities.

  • Cost: $10/user/month
  • Includes: Advanced Data Governance, Advanced eDiscovery, Customer Lockbox, Azure Information Protection Plan 2

If you are interested in learning more about each license and how EMS might work for your organization or need help with an EMS deployment, call the Microsoft Gold experts at PEI!

Matt Dixon, PEI

Want to increase security? Contact us to learn how you can use EMS to keep your business, your data, and your users secure from threats!


  • Tushar soni says:

    Great Post!
    I loved one your post and here you shared great things of enterprise mobility & security licensing option for mobility sector.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Carlos Guzman says:

    HI, we want to acquire an exchange online plan 1 for 3500 users, but someone ask us if it includes EMS security option. Does Exchange online plan 1 license have this?



    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Carlos, thanks for your question! Exchange Online Plan 1 does not include EM+S. However, EM+S is offered as a standalone plan and can be purchased on it’s own to work with your Exchange Online environment. We do want to mention that adding an EM+S plan to an Exchange Online Plan 1 may not be the most cost-effective option depending on your main objective, and there may be a different combination of licenses that could work better or provide you with more functionality. Feel free to contacts us directly at if you’d like help walking through your specific situation and which licensing options would be best for you!

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