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End-User Perspective on Microsoft Lync

End-User Perspective on Microsoft Lync 

I am sure many of you are familiar with the end-user adoption process when implementing new technologies in your organization.  Some additions and upgrades are welcomed with open arms while others seem to get ignored and shunned.  Surprisingly we have found a great adoption rate by our end-users after implementing Microsoft Lync internally at PEI.

We had a one hour training session and sent everyone off and running.  Within only a few minutes’ people had already figured out how to set their company photos as their defaults on Lync and started exploring the new features and perks.

Lync is one of those technologies that when your end-users start to play with it they will see the changes and benefits it has to offer.  Just yesterday end-users noticed that Lync puts a little phone icon next to any numbers on websites, allowing you to click right there to place a phone call.

The second feature that our end-users have found of interest is the sharing of the whiteboard.  Mind you these are all features that were not covered in our overview training session.  We had users placing files and pictures on whiteboards collaborating and sharing information within a couple hours of releasing Lync internally.

So for those of you shying away from implementing Lync because of end-user concerns, implement away because we are sure they will see the value in it right away, speeding up collaboration and communication within your organization. 

-Andrea Leonhardt, PEI

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