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Email Templates Save Time with Repetitive Tasks

By August 10, 2015September 11th, 2020Best Practices, Blog

If you find yourself writing the same email over and over again, you should do yourself a favor and create a template in Outlook. It’ll save you from monotony and speed up your efficiency getting through email.

You’ll need Outlook 2007 or newer (unfortunately Outlook Web Access does not support this functionality), and boiler plate text for your email.

  1. Boot Outlook
  2. Create a new email message
  3. Type in the subject and body that you want to use for the template. I like to use <REPLACE TEXT HERE> as a way to mark sections of the email that need to be modified before sending out.

Here is an example:

  1. Then once you’re done, click the File tab and choose Save As (where you’ll get the option to save as an email template)
  1.  In the file->save dialog window choose Outlook Template as the file type, click Save and you now have a brand new email template
  1. To use the template for future emails the easiest way is to double click the file name in Windows (or on your desktop) and you’ll have a new email ready to spruce up and send out

Hopefully this saves you a bit of time in your work routine, and keeps you consistent in your messaging.

Allison Sousa, PEI

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