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How To: Disable or Enable Exchange Search (StalledduetoCI Status)

By February 12, 2019August 5th, 2022Blog, Exchange, Microsoft
Disable or Enable Exchange Search

Mailbox replication service is the service responsible for moving the mailboxes, mailbox imports, mailbox exports, and restore requests.

The move request statistics can be viewed by running the below command:

Get-MoveRequestStatistics | Select DisplayName,StatusDetail,PercentComplete


StalledduetoCI: (Stalled due to content indexing)

stalled due to content indexing Exchange search


This is caused by Content Indexing on the database copies. To solve this, by turn it off on the Mailbox Database till the migration is complete for that DB where the mailbox resides.


To turn it off run the below command:

Set-MailboxDatabase “your mailbox database” -IndexEnabled:$False


  • This should be re-enabled once the migration has completed
  • Disabling Exchange Search impacts the functionality and performance of the full-text searches that are performed by your users using Outlook in online mode or on Windows mobile devices.
  • In-Place eDiscovery also relies on Exchange Search. If you disable Exchange Search for a mailbox database or for a Mailbox server, In-Place eDiscovery searches won’t return any messages from the database or server.
  • You can enable or disable Exchange Search for servers or mailbox databases but not for individual mailbox users.
  • You can’t use the EAC to disable or enable Exchange Search for a mailbox database.

Brandon Stuart, PEI

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  • Bill O'Hare says:

    How about that, I’ve stumbled across Mr. Stuarts thread once again. Twice in one day, just brilliant mate! From the simple to the complex I always seem to find my way back here these past few years.

    Does Brandon have his own blog site or RSS feed you could provide me?

    UK Bill

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for reading! We appreciate your comments.

      Unfortunately, Brandon’s posts live only on our blog, and we do not have an RSS feed specific to his posts. You should be able to search for posts by Brandon by searching his name in the search bar. I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful, but please let us know if you have any other questions!

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