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Direct Access

By May 8, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog

Direct Access

What is direct access?

DirectAccess is a feature in the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems that gives users the experience of being seamlessly connected to their corporate network any time they have Internet access.

With DirectAccess, users are able to access corporate resources (such as e-mail servers, shared folders, or intranet web sites) following common security standards, anytime they have an internet connection.

Key Benefits:

• Improved Productivity

o Helps improve the productivity of remote staff by providing the same, always-on connectivity experience no matter if users are inside or outside the corporate network.

• Secure Connectivity

o Leverages IPsec for authentication and encryption.

o Provides the ability to apply granular policy control over access to resources, applications, and servers.

o Integrates with Microsoft Server and Domain Isolation, Network Access Protection (NAP), and BitLocker solutions, resulting in security, access, and health requirement policies that seamlessly interoperate between intranets and remote computers

• Greater Manageability

o Helps ensure that machines both on the network and off are always healthy, managed, and up-to-date.

o Provides administrators with the ability to update Group Policy settings and distribute software updates any time a remote computer has Internet connectivity, even if the user is not logged on.

o Helps ensure that organizations can meet regulatory and privacy mandates for security and data protection for assets that must roam beyond the corporate network.

I use direct access almost daily and love the ease of use. The look and feel of all the tools and information that I access is the same as if I am in the office. Direct Access is a great tool for working remotely. It just works!

Jon Eyberg, PEI


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