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How to fix Dell PowerEdge r720 Firmware Update Fail Error SUP530

By May 2, 2018September 18th, 2020Blog, VMWare
Dell Firmware Update Error SUP530

This is a quick one, but a Google search of this problem yields no results. I recently ran into an issue installing ESXi 6.5 hanging on a Dell PowerEdge r720. After some research, I found that while the hardware is supported on VMware HCL, the minimum EFI version required is 2.5.

I am attempting the update using the mapped ‘Virtual Media’ ‘mount folder’ feature of IDRAC.

I found very nice instructions in this video, but was not able to complete them, with the update failing with error SUP530. Dell’s description of the problem states ‘the update package is inaccessible’. After kicking tires for about an hour and trying multiple different firmware and LCC versions, it became obvious the delivery method I was using was not working.

Checking and rechecking my files, I randomly put in the “directoryname\file.exe”, which fixed the problem. The interesting part is the mounted ISO does NOT have a directory in it. It appears the directory is erroneously created during ISO creation and named after the source folder.

Mind you, the video from Dell does NOT have the directory in the update path, yet it works so this appears to be version specific.

In case you are wondering, the IDRAC interface does indeed use the .exe file, not the .efi or .bin file to update the UEFI. Keep in mind you will need the x32 version of the EXE from Dell as x64 installers do not work with IDRAC.

JacobR, PEI

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