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Currently Running Cisco’s Unity, Call Manager or Express 4.x – 7.x?

By December 27, 2010August 5th, 2022Blog, New Product Releases & Upgrades

Currently Running Cisco’s Unity, Call Manager or Express 4.x – 7.x?

Cisco is making it very easy to upgrade your licensing and software to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) & Express (CUCME) 8.x. 

Why should I consider upgrading to 8.x when 4.x is running perfectly and why should I complete the project by July, 31st, 2011? 

End of Life & End of Service (E.O.L & E.O.S.)

  • Keep an eye on your Cisco UCS Servers.  If they are not end of life yet, they may soon be.


  • Eliminate paying for new Cisco UCS hardware, plus hardware support contracts by considering Virtualization.
  • Leverage your existing Virtualization architecture and add CUCM & Unity to your VM’s. (In depth discussions with your Cisco VoIP expert is a must)


  • Excellent time to consider utilizing the SIP features bundled into 8.x.
  • Excellent time to consider dropping your expensive and contractual obligations with your T1 provider and take advantage of a PEI recommended SIP provider and business grade Internet provider.

Cisco Upgrade Programs

  • Take advantage of programs like the 3”x3” that end on July 31st, 2011.
  • Excellent per seat upgrade pricing and no additional costs for 3-years.
  • Make sure your quote has ESW & UCSS for 3-years.
  • Take advantage of Cisco’s financial offers around these programs.


  • ESW is an annual support contract providing minor upgrades and UCSS is for major upgrades.
  • Perhaps your Cisco support contracts have expired. Great time to get current and bundle it into one budgetary proposal.

– Marty Deger, PEI

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