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CRM Lessons Learned

By August 17, 2011August 5th, 2022Best Practices, Blog

CRM Lessons Learned

After watching similar projects fail in the past, I am determined to make this one a success.  To ensure the success of CRM 2011, and any other projects for that matter, I am relying on three important factors: Buy-in, Customization, and Dependence.

In order to reap the full benefits of CRM, I had to make sure the users wanted it and supported the project.  By including them in my planning process, each has realized and appreciates their role in CRM and wants to see it succeed just as much as I do.  The next factor is customization.  Instead of changing our processes to fit those of CRM, we changed CRM to fit our needs.  That way, when we deploy, CRM will fit seamlessly into our business.  Finally, I am hoping to build a dependence on CRM.  If the team relies on the tool, everyone not only wants it to work, but needs it to.  It has been my goal to make CRM and the data therein as accessible and accurate as possible.  With the help of our Marketing Coordinator, Andrea, we are off to a good start and the challenge now is maintaining the validity of our data and to expand the solution into our other departments.

-Heidi Christensen, PEI

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