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Contributing to the Communities

By October 15, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog,

Contributing to the Communities

I do my best to help as many people as possible by posting to forums, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook.  I post about my experiences with ISPs, TDM or ITSP providers, the different hardware vendors I have used and the different command line interfaces I have used.  I post both the good and not-so-good experiences alike.  I feel this is the best way to grow as a person, an engineer and to give back to the community of resources that have helped me in the past and will continue to help me in the future. 

So, if you have experienced a particular issue, particular error or certain results – post them or search for the problem online.  More than likely you weren’t the first to experience it or you won’t be the last.

-Emilio Rivera, PEI

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