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The Downsides of Standing Desks

By February 28, 2017September 16th, 2020Best Practices, Blog
Cons Standing Desks

Last month, we covered the many benefits of standing desks. This month, I want to take a look at the possible downsides of this innovation.

  1. You stand all day: You should always alternate sitting and standing. Standing for 8+ hours a day is terrible for your body. Standing too much can compress your spine and increase your risk of circulation-related issues.
  2. You stand still: The best part about having a standing desk is the fact that you can have a dance party while your fingers type away! Make sure to shift your weight from foot to foot. It’s also best to take turns elevating each foot on a short stool.
  3. You do it just for the calorie burn: Standing burns 20% more calories than sitting, but makes you tired much more quickly. If your job requires large amounts of concentration and alertness, standing for a majority of the day is probably not for you.

Make sure your concentration is improved rather than impaired by your standing desk. Used correctly, a standing desk is an excellent health and productivity tool, but keep these potential downsides in mind when deciding if this new design is a good fit for you.

Brandi-Ann Moore, PEI

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