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How to Configure VLANS for Meraki MX Appliances

By November 22, 2019September 23rd, 2020Blog, Cisco, Networking
How To Configure Virtual Networks Meraki

If you find your network growing and you need to start segmenting users based on physical locations, you may want to start using virtual networks, or VLANs.

Here’s a quick setup:

Step 1: Enable VLANs by navigating to Security & SD-WAN > Configure > Addressing & VLANs > Deployment Settings > Mode

Enable VLANs in Meraki Settings

Step 2: Configure VLANs. The subnet will be expressed using CIDR notation. The MX IP field is the local MX VLAN interface IP.

Configure VLAN screenshot

Step 3: Configure the uplink ports as trunks to carry VLAN traffic.

Configure uplick ports to carry VLAN traffic

Step 4: Configure the access ports for specific VLAN traffic. Multiple ports can be edited at once under Per-port VLAN Settings by selecting the check boxes next to the port numbers

Alison Wallick, PEI

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