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Complete Managed Care: Reduce your stress level!

By June 1, 2012June 1st, 2022Blog, Complete Managed Care

Complete Managed Care: Reduce your stress level!

How exactly can PEI ease the job-related stress of SMB IT admins? In a variety of ways. By providing 24/7 automated management and exception-based monitoring services, PEI can allow IT admins to leave the office at a reasonable hour without fears of the IT operation collapsing in their absence. Delivery of software as a managed service also greatly diminishes the responsibility of the IT admin to ensure that software is available and functioning properly, while greatly increasing availability and proper function levels. Security also becomes a major burden taken off the admin’s weary shoulders, and issues relating to people and deadlines will become much less severe as the general effectiveness, efficiency and user-friendliness of IT increases as a result of managed services enablement.

Nobody is saying PEI will make the job of IT administrator at an SMB non-stressful, but they can bring stress down to a much more manageable level, resulting in happier, healthier employees who show up more frequently, are more motivated to do their jobs, have fewer health problems, and stay in their jobs longer. Come to think of it, PEI can reduce the stress of SMB HR personnel and senior managers, as well.

Myke Schwartz , PEI


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