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CMC R3 New Features and Improvements

By February 22, 2012June 1st, 2022News

CMC R3 New Features and Improvements

As part of our ever growing effort to provide the best service possible, we would like to share with you some of the newest improvements to our Managed And Monitoring system as well as some enhancements that are on the way. With the R3 release we now have a Power Management option that allows us to track power consumption by your equipment. This allows us to see where money is being wasted in your environment, by running scripts to turn unused items off or even just determine bad power supplies that need to be replaced.

Another new advantage is that we can now monitor cloud services. We can manage your Google Docs or Office 365 implementations right from Service Center. Admin tasks like adding and removing users or resetting passwords can all be done by PEI in one convenient place.

One of the biggest improvements is the way we remote into your systems. We used to need an outside IP or even a VPN set up to allow us access to your systems. With our new Remote Tools, a PEI engineer can remotely connect into your devices through our Service Center securely and quickly. With this new enhancement, and engineer can securely access your devices from anywhere. This ensures that we are able to provide prompt and emergency service as quickly as possible.

As your environments continue to grow and evolve, you can trust PEI to do the same right along side so that we can continue to support your growing companies needs.


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