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Cloud Computing Concepts: Fact and Fiction

Cloud Computing Geaphic

We talk to a lot of organizations that still have a tough time understanding what Cloud Computing is or when it’s right for their business.  Let’s break down some concepts, myths, and opinions to hopefully drive a little clarity.

Cloud Computing: Myth or Truth?

Myth: Cloud Computing is just for Big Businesses; it’s still too early.

Truth: According to Gartner, 80% of all companies expect to adopt some level of cloud services within the next 12 months.  That’s all companies.  If you’re running Microsoft Office 365, Google, mobile applications, or some other internet based application, you’re already on your Cloud journey.  Another interesting statistic—88% of small and medium businesses are considering using at least one cloud application in the next few years.

Myth: An organization needs to go “all in” with the Cloud.

Truth: PEI’s Cloud Solutions extend your IT Infrastructure at your pace.  You choose the combination that’s right for you.  We’re here to help guide you on the right approach to physical servers, virtualization, and cloud resources.  We say a Cloud Decision is an “AND” not an “OR” infrastructure.  The cloud is ideal when you need to

  • Get applications up and running fast
  • Reduce costs
  • Scale instantly based on changing demand
  • Be flexible, pay only for what you use
  • Leverage enterprise-level security
  • Have underperforming or soon-to-be obsolete equipment

Questions You Might Have About Cloud Computing

Question: Where do we start with the Cloud?

Answer: There are a lot of scenarios where a business can start in the cloud.  Common ones include Virtual Machine Deployment, Data Backup, and Disaster Recovery.  Honestly, there are thousands of cloud-based solutions.  The real starting point is to assess your IT environment with a competent Cloud Integrator, like PEI, and build a plan.  We can help you understand the economics and relevance of keeping a workload on premise or taking it to the cloud.

Question: Can I trust the Cloud?

Answer: We focus on Microsoft Azure.  We’re committed to principles worthy of your organization’s trust.

  • Security – your content is safeguarded with state-of-the-industry security technology and certifications. Content is encrypted in transit.
  • Privacy and Control – you control content permissions and usage. You always have access to your content and can delete it or take it with you if you leave.
  • Compliance – your content is stored and managed in compliance with applicable laws, regulation and key international standards.
  • Transparency – clear, plain language explains the details of how your cloud provider uses, manages and protects your content.

Tim Krueger, PEI


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