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Cloud Computing: A trend coming your way

By July 6, 2010August 28th, 2020News, PEI News

The world of Information Technology is filled with buzz words that are designed to show what the future trends are.  The latest buzz word being thrown around is Cloud Computing and PEI is here to help you understand it, implement it, and help you save money with it.  The idea of Cloud Computing has been around for many years but is now starting to gain more and more traction as companies see the short and long term benefits of “going to the cloud.”

PEI breaks Cloud Computing up into three areas:   Private Cloud, Public Cloud and On-Premise.  Private Cloud is seen as creating an internal virtual infrastructure on minimal hardware resources.  Public Cloud is using the tools that are available for the public’s general consumption.  On-Premise describes the use of hardware either internally or at a colocation facility.  PEI’s Best Practices allow for a blended model of all three tools to ensure the viability, security, and stability of your Cloud environment.

The biggest questions that PEI faces when discussing the Cloud, are the security/reliability and costs of going to the Cloud.  With our highly trained team of engineers, PEI can ensure that any solution we design will keep the integrity of your data secure.  We follow all of our own Best Practices, which encompass the manufacturer’s recommendations and then some.  With your data being in the Cloud, PEI will take no short cuts when it comes to the security of your information.  When dealing with the costs of going to the Cloud, understanding the costs and where they lie (Operational Cost, Capital Expenditure, etc…) it can be hard to figure out the true costs of going to the Cloud.  PEI’s ROI tools can show you where the up-front costs are, where the ongoing costs reside, and most importantly where the cost savings exist.  Traditionally we have seen an ROI of three years for a blended Cloud solution for our clients.

This article only begins to go into detail about what Cloud Computing is and how it can affect your business.  For more information of Cloud Computing, please contact a PEI Account Manager or e-mail us at

Article written by: Arash Zadeh, Account Manager