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Cisco Unity Express Voicemail Boxes Unavailable after Upgrade

By December 13, 2013November 13th, 2020Best Practices, Blog, Cisco

After upgrading from a Cisco Unity Express 8.5.1 to CUE 8.6.7 users could no longer access their voicemail.  I tried to research the issue online, but was unable to find any information.  So I thought it might help others if I documented what was found on this issue.


After upgrading CUE to 8.6.7, calls to voicemail are failing.
When calling inbound to CUE AA and then dialing the user's extension, we hear a prompt saying "voice mail system is not up".
Collected "debug voice ccapi inout" and "debug ccsip messages" and verified that the call was routing to 800 (VM Pilot) correctly.
Collected CUE traces (atrace.log) and verified that the redirect to mailbox was failing:
3820 12/06 21:20:17.072 LLMA LVMM 0 LlamaVmMbxQuery: get(): maxCount
4047 12/06 21:20:17.072 LLMA LSDB 0 Llama: getMaxVmMbxCount(): LlamaSysdbUser(): getInt(): Getting int /sw/apps/limitsManager/vmMbx/query/maxCount returns 55
4047 12/06 21:20:17.072 LLMA LAPI 0 Llama: getMaxVmMbxCount(): count: 55
4047 12/06 21:20:17.074 LLMA LLMT 0 voicemail disabled, installed mailbox quantity (61) exceeds licensed count (55)
Ran "show license" and saw that VM Mailbox and Port licenses were showing ACTIVE,IN USE.
But running "show license status application" showed the same error as above (highlighted in red).
We deleted 6 of the unused mailboxes. We ran "show voicemail mailbox" to verify the usage.
Then the voicemail subsystem came back up online and calls to VM started working.

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