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BLOG: MRSProxy Error 405: Method Not Allowed

By September 11, 2015September 11th, 2020Blog, Microsoft

While settings up an Exchange 2010 / Office 365 hybrid I ran into some issues with the Mailbox Replication Service Proxy (MRSProxy). Running the Test-MigrationServerAvailability cmdlet ( generated a 405 error “Method Not Allowed.”

I double checked all the settings and everything looked good. Eventually, though, I found a support article that pointed to an issue with IIS:

The CAS didn’t have the svc-Integrated handler mapping, but it did have an svc-Integrated 4.0 hander mapping. Working under the assumption that the new version wasn’t working properly I ran the suggested fix:

From an elevated command prompt, change to C:WindowsMicrosoft.NetFrameworkv3.0Windows Communication Foundation and run ServiceModelReg.exe –r

Test-MigrationServerAvailability came back with good results afterwards, and I was able to add the migration endpoint to Office 365.

Shane Skriletz, PEI

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