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BLOG: Cloud User Can’t See Free/Busy of On-Prem Mailbox

By July 14, 2015September 11th, 2020Blog, Microsoft, Office 365, Office 365

During an Exchange hybrid deployment, I had some difficulties with handler mappings not working correctly for the MRSproxy <link to previous blog>. Turns out, the same problem can have other effects.

I had resolved the MRSProxy issue, but later learned that free/busy information wasn’t visible for cloud users when looking at on-premises resources.

My first step was to run through the very helpful Hybrid Environment Free/Busy Troubleshooter <;en;3526&showpage=1>

Eventually, I uncovered that the svc-integrated handler mapping wasn’t the correct version on the AutoDiscover virtual directory despite having run the ServiceModelReg.exe command. It was correct on the Web Site as a whole, so I figured I’d recreate the AutoDiscover virtual directory and see if the setting was corrected. (More info on that process here.)

After recreating the Virtual Directory, the handler mapping was correct, but I still had a couple issues. After a little more digging, I realized I hadn’t enabled WSSecurity on the AutoDiscover virtual directory. So, I ran:

Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory –identity ” CASServerNameAutodiscover (Default Web Site)” –WSSecurityAuthentication $true

And Free/Busy started working as expected.

Shane Skriletz, PEI

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