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Automated Tasks

By July 26, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics

Automated Tasks

PEI has long lived by multiple credo’s , but one that is steadfast across any company is to work smarter. With our Complete Managed Care system, automated tasks can be run to perform scripts that will handle many of the tedious tasks an IT Administrator may have to accomplish in an average day. Automated tasks can target multiple devices or groups of devices to make managing your IT environment much more productive.

You can schedule a task to run immediately such as wanting to know all Domain user accounts or to make a registry change across your environment. Or you can set up a recurring schedule to delete all old system restore points. With over 150 scripts currently and a growing list, the possibilities are astounding.

With your access to Service Center, you can see whether tasks have completed, are running, or have failed to execute as expected. Alerts can be configured for failures to run additional scripts or notify an administrator. These alerts are based on return codes, standard out or standard error.  When a script fails to execute properly, you will be given the information needed to understand what happened and how to resolve the situation.

You can take some of the administration out of being an IT Administrator, freeing you up to work on IT projects within your own company. Let us automate how you get your information so that you can show your executives and team the information they need.

Myke Schwartz, PEI

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