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AudioCodes FXO Interfaces Not Ringing or Registering for Hunt Groups

By December 7, 2017September 16th, 2020Blog
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Found an issue for Audiocodes FXO ports.  If you setup a FXO port and then on the Trunk group (or Hunt Group ID, depending on the version/model) set the Channel Select Mode to Ring to Hunt Group.  It will not activate/ring any of the FXO ports.  It will not ring or even register the FXO ports.AudioCodes FXO Interfaces screenshot

The fix for this is to just change the Channel Select Mode to any other mode, Ascending or Descending.  Then the FXO ports will register and ring properly.

AudioCodes FXO Interfaces solution screenshot

Hopefully this will save you the many hours of troubleshooting it cost me to find this issue.

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Jason Howe, PEI

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