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Upgrading the ROMMON Version on a Cisco ASA

By July 5, 2019September 23rd, 2020Blog, Cisco, Networking

If you need to upgrade the ROMMON version on your ASA, here is a quick guide. Note that you cannot downgrade ROMMON versions, only upgrade.

Here are the steps to Upgrade the ROMMON version:

Before you begin: Verify your current version of ROMMON. The current version is listed under ‘Fw Version’

Verify ASA ROMMON Version

Step 1: Obtain the new ROMMON image from Cisco and put it on a server to copy. This example will be for TFTP.

Step 2: Copy the ROMMON image to the ASA flash memory:

copy tftp://server-ip/asa5500-firmware-xxxx.SPA disk0:asa5510-firmware-xxxx.SPA

Step 3: Upgrade the ROMMON image:

upgrade rommon disk0:asa5500-firmware-xxxx.SPA

Step 4: Confirm the reload when prompted on the ASA. The ASA will upgrade the ROMMON version and then perform a reload to complete the process.

Step 5: Verify the correct version of ROMMON is loaded after the upgrade.

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Alison Wallick. Network Support Engineer

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