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3 Capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint You Probably Aren’t Using

By March 11, 2013June 1st, 2022Blog, SharePoint

PEI has been using SharePoint for a couple of years now. Until last week I only used it to store, edit, and share all of our company documents. I decided to e-mail our infrastructure engineer to gain access to be able to edit the marketing departments SharePoint Site. In just a matter of a few clicks I was able to create a marketing status update blog, shared status lists, and a fully customized homepage with announcements! I am going to show and tell you how and what I used to make all of this happen. I am NOT technical and I was able to do all of these customizations by myself, SharePoint is really that easy to use!

1. Marketing Status Update Blog- A SharePoint Customizable Site

I decided to create a blog to post all of the marketing meeting agendas and announcements. To do this all I had to do was navigate to sites in SharePoint and click create and choose blog.

From there I was able to customize different categories, colors, and content. You also have the option to have your new site show up on the navigation bar on the left. Here is a picture of our new blog:

2. Shared Status Lists- SharePoint Custom List

This is my new favorite functionality of SharePoint. How many of us have excel docs with all kinds of lists on our computer? SharePoint has an EXCELLENT list capability that allows for multiple people to be editing it at the same time within the SharePoint screen.

For a new list you navigate over to lists and press create, just like you did with the blog.

This is the part that gets really awesome. You have the ability to create columns and choose what inputs you want. For this example I made a list of web content that needs to be created for our new website. You can pick from several different outputs including, dates, radio buttons, check boxes, numbers, etc. Once you click create you can now add new entries. Here is an example of one of our new lists: