Tech Event: Simplify IT Management

August 30, 2022 |  8:30AM – 1:30PM | Colorado Clays, Brighton, CO

Learn how to avoid the headaches and inefficiencies of a complex IT environment. Instead, act strategically to do more with less.

Technology Event By PEI and Pax8

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Space is limited. Please limit three attendees per company.

Join PEI and Pax8 at Colorado Clays!

PEI is an IT service provider with clients across the United States.

We specialize in multiple areas of technology—cloud architecture, virtualization, unified communications, advanced services, and managed services—and have successfully implemented over 7,000 projects across a wide range of industry segments. Our senior-level engineering team has over 120 years combined experience.

We partner with Rocky Mountain small and midsize businesses to customize technology solutions that move them actively toward their business objectives.

Simplify IT for your Business

Last year, many of our goals centered around boosting productivity for workers remaining at home and managing the transition back into the office space. With the copious solutions available to manage both in-office and at-home workers, your business’s technology probably got complicated, confusing, and difficult to manage. But complicated is not improving business, it’s slowing you down.  

Simplifying IT breaks down the moving parts and uncomplicates technology. When your technology is easy to manage, you feel better and your business functions more efficiently with less interruptions. Not to mention, when you simplify IT, you can be flexible and adjust your solutions without breaking a sweat as unexpected events occur. There are plenty of strategies for achieving this, and these are just some of the considerations for simplifying IT we’ll be covering at this year’s event: 


With the threat of rapid change  hanging over us, is your business prepared to adapt? Many of us learned in 2020 we were not. We’ll discuss strategies for adapting with no impact to your IT functionality.


IT investments can facilitate efficiencies across all areas of your business, from reducing cloud, storage, servers, and networking costs to making digital collaboration more effective.

Technology Usage

Optimization is easier to achieve than it seems, extending from processessuch as Automation—to IT infrastructure. Our favorite infrastructure solution for cutting costs and boosting efficiency: the Cloud.  

Who Should Attend?

IT professionals and decision makers interested in learning more about the current IT landscape and the future of the industry. Also, businesses looking to discover how modern IT solutions can keep them ahead of developing trends. Please limit three attendees per company.

Why Should You Attend?

Learn from industry experts about the state of IT in a fun environment outside of the office with two leading Microsoft Partners. PEI and Pax8 were both named to the Top 350 US Microsoft Partners list in 2021!

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Presentation and Welcome

Hear from our presentation panel consisting of experts ranging from Presidents and CEOs to Senior-level Engineers about strategies to simplify IT for your business.

Safety Workshop and Instructions

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