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Exchange 2013 Overview

Exchange Server 2013 enables you to increase user productivity and keep your organization safe, while maintaining the control you need. Whether online, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two, the new Exchange enables you to tailor your solution based on your unique needs and ensures that your communications are always available, while you remain in control, on your own terms.

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Microsoft Exchange 2013 Licensing

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 offers several flexible licensing options that include both Online and On-prem. Below are a series of documents and links that can help determine the right licensing and approach.

Overview / FAQ / Online / Advisor / Cloud Easy Offer / Big Easy Offer

Microsoft Exchange Case Studies

With the release of any new product there will always be questions that arrise. Microsoft Exchange 2013 is no exception! This site allows you to go through multiple case studies and hear what Exchange users have said!

MSFT Case Study

Trial or Buy Microsoft Exchange 2013

Exchange 2013 is now available for trial and purchase! Try a fully functional version of Exchange in your own environment by downloading the free 180-day trial version. For purchasing and/or implementation questions please feel free contact PEI directly at 303-786-7474 or at


Microsoft’s Exchange 2013 Blog

Who better to teach you about Exchange 2013 then the very people who helped create it? Below is a link to the blog of Microsoft employees who helped in the making of Exchange 2013. Feel free to interact with them and ask questions! They are a great resource for knowledge!