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System Center 2012 Overview

Cloud computing is transforming the way enterprises provide and consume IT services with the promise of more productive infrastructure and more predictable applications. System Center 2012 enables enterprises to benefit from both private and public cloud(network, storage, compute) into a private cloud that is seamlessly integrated with public cloud services-a hybrid cloud you can manage from a single pane of glass computing while still satisfying their unique business needs. It organizes existing IT assets


Windows System Center 2012 Licensing/Pricing Data Sheet

System Center 2012 server management licensing maximizes your private cloud value while simplifying purchasing. All server management licenses (SMLs) include the same components and the ability to manage any workload.


Windows System Center 2012 Case Studies

With the release of any new product there will always be questions that arrise. Microsoft System Center 2012 is no exception! This site allows you to go through multiple case studies and hear what System Center 2012 Clients have said!

Case Study

System Center 2012: ROI

The Microsoft Private Cloud Economics Tool calculates the cost of creating a private cloud solution with Microsoft and VMware technologies. The calculator follows a simple methodology by considering the software acquisition and support costs for a private cloud solution. By using this calculator, you will see how the licensing and pricing models differ between Microsoft and VMware and, in particular, how they will impact the Return On Investment you are making today and long into the future.

Download System Center 2012 Trial

System Center 2012 is now available. System Center 2012 empowers you with a common management toolset for your private and public cloud applications and services. System Center helps you confidently deliver IT as a Service for your business.


Microsoft’s System Center 2012 Blog

Who better to teach you about System Center 2012 then the very people who helped create it? Below is a link to the blog of Microsoft employees who helped in the making of SC12. Feel free to interact with them and ask questions! They are a great resource for knowledge!


System Center 2012 Plus Optional Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Download

A Microsoft Private Cloud Immersion is designed to provide a hands-on experience showcasing core capabilities that differentiate Microsoft from the competition. More than just a PPT presentation, the Private Cloud Immersion takes real-life situations and presents a new way of solving issues.  You will come into direct contact with the products and technologies that comprise the Microsoft Private Cloud, including Microsoft System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012. Through hands-on labs and a live environment, you can gain an understanding of the Microsoft Private Cloud roadmap, and the knowledge to start turning your datacenter into a private cloud.