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There is probably more confusion about Cloud Computing than any other technology on the market today. Ask ten organizations and you’ll get ten different answers. What’s the best strategy? PEI subscribes to a simple tenant – What’s best for our Client! The Cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and we don’t attempt to make you fit into one Cloud model.

The Public Cloud is comprised of thousands of different providers, each with their own unique delivery and solution set. Your own Private Cloud is already built (or a work in process) and contains most of your business critical applications and resources. Do you know whether or not to pursue a Hybrid Cloud model and marry Public resources to your Private enterprise? PEI’s goal has always been to help our customers’ questions.

Our approach is to design a solution that embraces the right IT for your business. We strongly believe making the most of your existing IT investments. Properly designed, your Cloud strategy will delight your users with superior experiences.

PEI takes into account a large number of factors before we make any Cloud recommendations. They include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The megatrends affecting Mobility, Social Networking, big data and the cloud.
  • Your Business Plans, Growth Strategies, and Industry
  • The ability of your staff to embrace changes in work methods.
  • Your budget and Service Level Agreement requirements.
  • Data sensitivity, Security and Regulatory compliance.
  • The need to scale and meet performance requirements.
  • Your requirements for interoperability between your various applications.
  • The amount of customization required for each Cloud resource.
  • What IT Management looks like, resources required, new knowledge needed.
  • Your roll-back concerns if you ever need to migrate a cloud service back into your network.
  • The ability to realize a Return on Invest (ROI).

The Cloud has the ability to deliver a better user experience, save money, drive efficiency, and streamline your business. Properly designed, these possibilities can be reality. Poorly designed and poorly executed, and you’ll be wasting precious time and resources.