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When selecting an Engineering provider for your project, PEI believes you need a firm that can look and listen with the acuity and attention your job requires.

Our keen eye will get the picture of your IT infrastructure, your Business imperatives and the particulars required to start with focus and purpose. At the onset of our work for you, or as a task unto itself, PEI conducts an in-depth assessment of your current environment to properly chart the IT landscape and make IT enhancements a safe and successful journey.

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Modern IT is a composite of network, server, application, process and provider elements operating in unison to deliver tools and workflow that keep your business running at peak efficiency. When those efficiencies are in need of upgrade or repair, PEI engineering performs an assessment of the following to construct an accurate picture as the starting point for any modifications:

  • Network (Switches, Firewalls, Appliances, Routers, etc.)
  • Virtualized Infrastructure (hosts, storage, networking and controls)
  • Servers
  • Services and Cloud Resources
  • Applications (Line of Business, Unified Communications, Core, etc.)
  • Processes, methodology, staff , Business Intelligence
  • Vision, Plans and Objective

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Our senior consultants perform these reviews and construct a written report of your IT world. This assessment may be used for your own purposes, not involving additional work by our team, or may be the first step in a subsequent project.

Give us a try. Let us show you what we can learn about what you do. What we know can really help.