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When it comes to services related to IT consulting and engineering, PEI is a leader in project management, assessments, training and transition to the cloud.

Project Management is a cornerstone of successful project deployment for PEI.  With certified project managers on our team, we take a detailed approach by building and executing project plans with a proven methodology for success.  Clients are always informed and supported during the entire project lifecycle with joint client planning sessions, detailed project diagrams, status reports and active engagement at the PM level.

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Assessments give our clients the opportunity to focus on their organization’s critical services and provide them with the necessary information to understand the drivers related to the protection of their information assets.  Too many organizations skip this phase and move straight into implementation of a new or advanced system.  Skipping an assessment is comparable to starting a business without a business plan.  You might be able to make it work but it will lack vision and role definition, and ultimately objectives will be unresolved.  PEI can perform an array of assessments including network, security and Microsoft readiness assessments.

Training can mean the difference between success and failure when it relates to adopting new and updated technologies.  As part of every project PEI includes a critical technical knowledge hand off to ensure an organization is familiar with and able to manage their solution long term.  With additional support from our certified training partners, PEI can also manage end-user training as part of a complete project.

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PEI has the experience and deployment expertise to support an organization during the transition to Cloud services.  Whether it is a private, public or hybrid solution PEI helps clients map their critical business initiatives to the cloud services offerings.  Support surrounding email, document management, IM, conferencing, video and enterprise audio can all be supported in a cloud environment.  The details of when, how and what solution you select makes all the difference.

Let PEI help you map the right solution and deploy it with our amazing engineering and project management team.