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PEI takes Partnering seriously. Since our founding in 1988, we have partnered on hundreds of projects.

We strongly believe that staying focused on our core competencies, and partnering with other organizations that are strong in their respective fields, provides a strong value proposition to the customer. Customers often want a diverse set of services as part of a single project. Rather than struggle through a segment that isn’t part of your everyday practice, it makes a lot more sense to work with a partner that can bring excellence to your customer.

The strength of a partner is rooted in their integrity and experience. At PEI, we’ve been committed to ethical relationships. We honor our partner’s customer relationship, operate with transparency, attempt to over communicate, stay on time and budget, and refer the success of the project to our partner. We understand the risk and exposure a partner undertakes when bringing PEI into their customer engagements.

Our partnership relationships take a number of forms. At the highest level, our strategic partners are integrated in our respective service offerings. We communicate frequently, plan pipeline and marketing together, cross-train our staffs and go-to-market across our client base. We’re strongly aligned in our values and trust each other explicitly.

We also have tactical partnerships where our respective business’ can benefit from teaming on engagements on a more “ad hoc” basis. Nothing is compromised when it comes to ethics and transparency, but the opportunities to team are a little less frequent.

Finally, we count ourselves fortunate to have a host of referral partners. Our partners know the excellence of our services, and trust PEI when referring customers or leads.

There are a lot of competitors that would love to get a foothold with your customer. If you’ve got a project that involves more than you’re comfortable with, does it make more since to bring in a trusted partner, or hope you can hold onto your client while watching a competitor do everything they can to displace you?