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Downtime Is Real And It’s Costly. How Costly Exactly Though?

On average, a business will lose ~$164,000 per hour of downtime.  Can you afford to lose that much business? The numbers speak for themselves!  What most business owners find is that server crashes, cryptolocker attacks, and viruses have the hidden costs of lost customers, idle employees, and worse.  Use our downtime calculator to show your true cost of downtime!

What REALLY Causes Company Downtime?

While natural disasters tend to take center stage when considering the causes of downtime, hardware and software failures and human error are statistically more common. In fact, hardware failures alone comprise more than one-half of disasters for small to mid-sized businesses. And given it takes an average of 30 hours for recovery (according to IT managers), small to mid-sized businesses are at risk of losing customers, their reputation and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Hardware Failure

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Human Error

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Software Failure

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Natural Disaster

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Where Does PEI Come In?

PEI is an award-winning IT Consultant specializing in bringing enterprise solutions to each of our customers in the small to mid-sized organization range.  Our mission is to architect, deliver and support Information Technology Solutions that effectively address our customer’s business challenges and ensures their continued success.  PEI has always been invested in the success of our clients, and we have a history of going the extra mile to keep our clients up and running, no matter the circumstances.  With our tested Business Continuity in place we can ensure your organization’s downtime is minimal and you’re protected against any system failures!

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