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PEI is an Award-Winning IT Services Provider

Your network is the foundation of your business, and you depend on it

to communicate with your customers, give your team access to the resources they need to do their jobs, and protect your data from evolving attacks. With PEI’s Networking Services and Business Network Support, you can ensure your networks are protected against modern threats, ready to support future growth, and optimized to reduce costs and perform reliably.

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PEI has been a certified Cisco Reseller and Partner since 1996.

We hire only senior-level engineers with the knowledge and experience necessary to architect, deploy, and support enterprise-class networks. Our Cisco-certified team can work with you to design and customize a network infrastructure strategy to meet your specific needs. Or, we can optimize your current networks to help your business reach its goals.

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Our Three-Step Process

PEI’s Networking Services

PEI’s Networking services cover the entire network lifecycle, from planning and designing to implementation and support. We can architect and install a new network infrastructure or update and optimize your existing networks.

Planning and Assessment

We’ll work with you to understand and assess your environment and your needs, customizing a plan for your overall architecture and strategy. Our engineers can analyze existing networks to assess network resource performance and determine necessary remediation or optimization activities.

Configuration and Installation

Our certified engineers will install and/or configure your network infrastructure according to your customized strategy. With 120 years of combined experience, PEI’s engineers have the expertise to execute your installation effectively to enhance your organization’s networking practices.

Support and Management

Maximize your return on investment with our firewall management and maintenance services, including proactive monitoring, reporting, and support. Our teams of experts can resolve issues before they affect your business, and you’ll have access to our network support helpdesk, available 24/7.

Cisco is our Primary Networking Vendor

Cisco Switches - Network Services


Contact us today for help finding the right switch for your business.

Get Started Finding a Switch!Get Started Finding a Switch!

Cisco Network Switches give you a digital-ready network foundation that is simple, automated, and secure

with a range of deployment options including cloud-managed, on-device-/web-managed, or traditional managed or unmanaged solutions. Cisco switches move beyond just connectivity, helping you create better customer and employee experiences through higher performance and valuable analytics, improved support for mobility and new applications, and integrated security for addressing evolving threats.

Whether you need converged wired and wireless, core, edge, or data center switches, or solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the next-generation data center, Cisco has a switch to fit your business needs. Contact us today to help you find the right switch for your business.



Visit our Security Page to learn more about Cisco Network Security Solutions.

Learn about Network Security!Learn about Network Security!

Cisco’s Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) offer the industry’s first adaptive, threat-focused firewall solution.

Cisco ASA firewalls with FirePOWER Services deliver superior, multi-layered protection, improved visibility, and reduced security costs. Achieve integrated threat defense before, during, and after an attack with Cisco ASA firewalls combined with the industry’s most effective next-generation IPS and advanced malware protection.

Our team can work with you to find the right network security solution for your needs.



Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the router that best meets your needs!

Get Started with Routers!Get Started with Routers!

Cisco Routers provide advanced analytics, application optimization, automated provisioning, and integrated security capabilities

for your WAN, LAN, or cloud network to help you reduce operational costs, increase your network’s agility, and improve resource usage for multisite deployments. Plus, Cisco’s robust end-to-end management and flexibility features allow administrators to use available bandwidth more efficiently, giving you the highest performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Whether you need a small business, branch, edge, enterprise, industrial, or virtual router, our team of experts can help you decide which model will work best for your environment’s needed capabilities and features.



Contact us today or follow the link below to learn more about Cisco Wireless Solutions!

Learn More about Wireless!Learn More about Wireless!

Cisco Wireless LAN Solutions support the latest Wi-Fi standard—802.11ac Wave 2—and are uniquely positioned

to handle the dense volumes of wireless traffic generated by mobile applications, bring your own device programs, and the growing number of wireless users, devices, and applications. Cisco Wireless Access Points integrate seamlessly with Cisco’s range of both scalable and fast-throughput controller and switching platforms to increase network visibility, deliver wired-network-class speeds, and provide proactive security.

Our wireless network experts can help you determine which wireless devices or architectures are right for you based on your capacity, management, security, and future-readiness needs, whether you’re looking for a centralized, converged, or cloud-based deployment.

Why Choose Cisco Networking Infrastructure?

Security and Protection

Cisco products deliver end-to-end protection anywhere your team is working with security embedded right into the network to protect your users and your data from growing threats. Cisco’s diverse security and compliance portfolio means your business stays safe.

Investment Protection

Future-proof your networks with Cisco solutions designed to meet changing demands like new locations, mobile workers, evolving security threats, and increasing numbers of devices. Cisco networking devices give you the flexibility to add new capabilities as needed without expensive upgrades.

Improved Performance

Cisco devices eliminate the need for multiple vendors and piecemeal solutions that don’t work well together. Plus, increase productivity with devices that set the industry standard for uptime and valuable insights from smarter devices with embedded intelligence.

Reduced Costs

Cisco offers affordable products, meeting budgets at every price point without compromising quality. Save even more with Cisco’s automation capabilities that reduce complexity and devices that streamline network operations to reduce costs by increasing efficiency.

Reduced Complexity

Eliminate the unnecessary complexity in your networks caused by the increasing number of services and devices with Cisco’s integrated solutions. Use Cisco’s advanced management capabilities to easily take control of and gain visibility into your network.

Interested in Learning More About PEI’s Networking Implementation and Optimization Services? Fill out the form to have a business networking expert call you today!

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    Continuous Network Monitoring and Support

    We monitor your environment 24/7 to ensure everything is running smoothly. We’ll monitor each network component, as well as critical applications to maximize your availability and catch problems before they turn into larger issues.

    Valued Partner and Advisor You Can Trust

    When you work with PEI for your networking needs, you get access to a Cisco Networking expert and partner who will become familiar with and care about your environment. We’ll help you make decisions that make sense for your business.

    Simplify Operations and Focus Your Team

    Give your IT team more time to focus on ongoing IT projects and keep your business on track to delivering your services while we take care of monitoring and patching. We also provide detailed reports, so you can take the guesswork out of IT management.

    Need Networking Support? Try PEI's Network Management Services

    PEI’s 24/7 Network Management Services can simplify the management of your environment while ensuring the security, reliability, and performance of your networks. You can get back to focusing on your business and your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives while we handle the day-to-day administrative and management tasks necessary to keep your environment running smoothly.

    When you use PEI as your Networking Services Provider, you also get a dedicated partner who cares about your business. We’ll learn about your environment and work 24/7/365 to protect it by proactively monitoring and managing your network infrastructure to detect problems before they cause downtime. If there ever is a problem, our team of Cisco-certified, senior-level engineers has the experience necessary to quickly determine the cause and deliver a solution.

    PEI’s Network Services

    • Proactive maintenance, performance, and security monitoring and patching of network infrastructure
    • Monthly monitoring and reporting for events, system health, and usage
    • Configuration and tuning of alerts from the syslog server
    • Security auditing, intrusion detection, and compliance management
    • Administration and management of firewalls, and NAT configuration
    • Manage VPN deployments and WAN/LAN networks
    • Equipment management including troubleshooting and escalations to vendors if necessary
    • Automated configuration of backups
    • 24/7/365 proactive and reactive issue identification and resolution
    Learn More about Managed Services!Learn More about Managed Services!

    When You Use PEI, Your Environment is Protected by our Network Monitoring System™

    Get Started with Monitoring!

    Work with PEI to improve the performance and stability of your network with our Network Monitoring System™, which we’ve built to provide increased visibility into and control over your network compared to over-the-counter monitoring solutions used by other Managed Service Providers.

    Proactive Support

    Early Response

    If our system finds something strange when polling or monitoring your devices, we’re notified immediately, so we can fix the problem before it affects your network.

    After-Hours Availability

    Critical device alerting mechanisms allow for automatic notification of on-call engineers after-hours.

    Comprehensive Alerting

    Customizable Polling

    We’ll continually poll your devices, setting up our polling intervals and procedures to meet the specific needs of your environment.

    Syslog Alerting

    Our syslog monitoring and customizable alerting lets us know whenever something is happening in your environment. If we can see the issue in syslog, we can alert it.

    In-Depth Reporting

    Overview Reports

    Get detailed reports on events—including which devices were affected and why they went down—system health, and usage.

    Trend Analysis

    Our reporting features also include trend analysis, to provide insights about the utilization and growth of your environment over time.

    Performance Insights

    Our ability to monitor and graph a variety of heath metrics over time helps us to improve stability and predict health problems before they happen.

    Audit Trails

    Set up configuration change alerts, so you know what changes have been made, when they were made, and who made them.

    Complete Data

    Exact Data

    You’ll have access to both live and historic data that’s exact—our solution doesn’t normalize data like other providers—to give you richer insights into your environment.

    Hard-to-Reach Data

    Have data not accessible via SNMP? Our system allows for graphing of metrics even if they are only accessible from the CLI.

    Configuration Backup

    Automated Backups

    Our monitoring solution automates the configuration backup process, so you never have to worry about losing your configurations.

    Inventory Management

    Keep track of your devices—including their serial numbers—with automated inventory backups.