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Video Communication is largely becoming a necessary tool in organizations. The infiltration of video into our daily lives and standard tools, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, is driving users to question “where is video in our workplace?” Recent polls show more than 75% of business executives utilize two-way video at least once a week and 50% use it daily. In addition to communication, one of the most popular uses for video is training and development of internal resources, however, using video to enhance work processes is gaining strength in driving video to businesses. While nothing can replace the need for face-to-face interaction, video makes communication between handshakes richer.

Is your network video ready? Video is coming and will be part of the way you do business in the future. PEI supports our clients by assessing their network and infrastructure readiness alongside the best solutions suitable for individual needs of users and locations. Implementation of video communications is more than a screen and a camera in a room; it is the integration of current business practices with a tool that enhances your environment. PEI can help you understand how to video enable your practices and excel your business communication.