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Mobility has changed the way people communicate with the proliferation of cellular technologies, the explosion of access to the internet, and the abundance of devices capable of accessing those networks.  A ‘terminal’ mentality is no longer acceptable for users in the business marketplace and seamless access anywhere, at anytime is a demand, not an option, for our clients.  The mobility network must have the core pieces to meet high connectivity expectations.  Routers, switches, wireless LAN controllers, and access points are all key pieces in the mobility network puzzle.

Additionally, the consideration of Protocols must be part of the mobility networking discussion.  Is your current hardware able to maintain the latest IP enabling protocols such as DHCP?  With each new device and their feature rich applications comes the need for advanced programming to be fully utilized within a network.  PEI supports our clients with a deep understanding of access and security controls, and hardware, including core and peripheral devices, which must be present for full, seamless mobility.