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Cisco Collaboration is a suite of products, services and software that help create an exceptional customer experience through productivity enhancing tools. Collaboration is more than a technical architecture, solution, or product; it is an experience that integrates people, processes, and technology. PEI believes that by working together, people can achieve extraordinary things.

An organizational chart may show hierarchy, but it doesn’t represent how people actually collaborate inside, outside, and across the organization. Finding ways to improve the connections between people and the information they need is at the center of improving business productivity.

Opportunity comes from the combination of technology and people. The collaborative workspace environment gives people the flexibility to be where they need to be, to do the best work they can.

Cisco uses an architecture-based approach, integrating the mobile, social, visual, and virtual aspects of collaboration to bring people together anytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect employees, customers, and suppliers to make decisions, resolve customer issues, or address supply-chain challenges. The architecture cost-effectively enables this with scale, security, and accessibility. The Cisco holistic collaboration strategy and architecture account not only for the technology, but what it means for your processes and culture.