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By properly designing and planning out your virtual environment your organization can have the competitive advantage of utilizing the latest technologies while maximizing the benefits of the investments made. PEI’s senior engineers are well trained in helping organizations identify the virtualization platform that best suits their firm as well as designing a solution that will fit your current needs as well as providing a foundation to grow your organization on. Whether it’s a basic server consolidation project or utilizing the advanced tool sets of virtualization, PEI has a wide range of solutions that will help ensure your organization’s path down to virtualization is one of reliability and scalability.

With the growing costs of keeping the traditional single purpose server model (maintenance, heating/cooling, provisioning costs, etc…) in place, it is imperative that your organization looks to utilize the latest technologies of server consolidation through virtualization. Virtualization provides a stable solution that will save you money both currently and in the future. By having an incorrect solution, your organization can face unnecessary down time through improper implementations of virtual servers which prevents future growth and the use of advanced toolsets that can save time and money.

PEI’s experienced virtualization engineers can help you design the right solution to prevent such catastrophes. We can help determine sizing requirements to aid in consolidation, providing a stable solution that can be part of a larger disaster recovery plan, as well as designing a growth strategy, so the foundation set today can be used in the future.

Our server consolidation practices address the following:

  • Current Needs vs. Future Wants
  • Platform Selection
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Redundancy Requirements
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Support and Training

Through partnerships with VMWare and Microsoft, PEI has developed a strong practice and knowledge base with various virtualization vendors. Our virtualization history goes back the very beginnings of server virtualization and our engineering team is constantly being educated on the newest technologies that are proven solutions. All of PEI’s project and support engineers have been tested and certified by the manufacturers to ensure that any solution that is sold is correctly designed and supported throughout the life of the product. Through our heavy investment in training and education, PEI’s server consolidation designs are second to none and can provide a great value to your organization by leveraging current investments, providing stable solutions and building in room for growth without large investments in the future.