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Successful disaster recovery puts emphasis on recovery by planning around expected, unexpected and likely catastrophe.

Often known by the term “Backup” and sold as a “necessary evil” since the first days of Information Technology. If your experience with Backup technologies is still based on tape drives and jukeboxes, plenty has changed.

Barracuda - Server Backup Device
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The massive adoption of virtualization, coupled with archival and retention policies, demand comprehensive solutions that can accommodate a range of rapidly changing requirements. PEI’s Backup solutions are designed to be scalable and manageable. Our solutions are a blend of hardware, software, management applications and cloud services. PEI, in partnership with vendors including Microsoft, Veeam, and Barracuda Networks, can customize a solution to fit nearly any budget, regulatory requirement, or storage footprint.

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Part of our Foundation Ready architecture, PEI has been providing Backup solutions for 25 years. Coupled with PEI’s managed services and 24×7 Help Desk, we know how to deliver customer value.

PEI uses Barracuda as our primary backup vendor.  Learn more about Barracuda here!