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Microsoft System Center 2012 transforms the way you deliver IT and application services to your organization, enabling enterprises to benefit from both private and public cloud computing while still satisfying their unique business needs. It organizes existing IT assets (network, storage, compute) into a private cloud that is seamlessly integrated with public cloud services—a hybrid cloud you can manage from a single pane of glass.

Cloud computing is transforming the way enterprises provide and consume IT services with the promise of more productive infrastructure and more predictable applications. Business users see cost savings and flexibility when they consume IT as a Service—a service that they self-allocate through a portal, that scales up or down according to their needs, and that they pay for based on use. Datacenter administrators see cost savings by pooling shared resources into a private cloud that serves multiple business users who consume only what they need. Flexibility comes from leveraging public cloud resources to complement on-premises capacity.

PEI’s System Center services offer a platform of comprehensive management tools for applications, services, physical resources, and hypervisors. Our services are broken down into several different tracks that can be customized based on your organization’s specific needs.

Microsoft System Center cloud and datacenter management provides a common toolset to manage infrastructure and applications across private, hosted and public clouds.

  • Create a uniform, self-healing IT fabric from existing assets for dynamic, self-service allocation across business units.
  • Deliver predictable application service levels with 360-degree monitoring, deep insight, and integrated developer operations.
  • Optimize applications’ use of datacenter, hoster, and Windows Azure capacity with low-friction migration, all managed from a single pane of glass.

Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection provide a unified infrastructure to manage and protect physical, virtual, and mobile client environments.

  • Empower users to be productive from anywhere, on whatever device they choose.
  • Provide a unified infrastructure for client management and protection.
  • Make it easier and faster to administer client systems and maintain system compliance.
  • Provides integration with Windows Intune to manage PCs and mobile devices, both from the cloud and on-premise, from a single administrative console.

If you’d like to find out more about Microsoft System Center 2012, contact PEI. We can explain how system center drives a return on investment, how licensing works and pricing, and arrange a FREE Trial Evaluation for up to 180 days.