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VMware- Enterprise Solution Provider

[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Infrastructure Virtualization” show_less=”Infrastructure Virtualization” start=”hide”]VMware Partners with an Infrastructure Virtualization Solution Competency have demonstrated the ability to virtualize and consolidate server environments using a VMware virtualization solution. You can count on a VMware partner with an Infrastructure Virtualization Solution Competency to provide the safest, smoothest migration and deployment available.[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”VBCA- Virtualization of Business Critical Applications” show_less=”VBCA- Virtualization of Business Critical Applications” start=”hide”]Virtualizing business critical applications is an important step in your Journey to the Cloud. Many customers have virtualized at least one of their business critical applications and the demand is growing rapidly. Run your business critical applications, including Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle, on VMware vSphere® with breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability. In addition, VMware virtualization solution provides fully automated disaster recovery, dynamic security and proactive management of performance, capacity and compliance.

  • VMware Partners with a Virtualization of Business Critical Applications (VBCA) Competency will be able to design and implement solutions to virtualize your business critical applications, and help you: Improve Applications Quality of Service (QoS), Increase Applications Availability and Reduce Applications Time to Market
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”VTSP- VMware Technical Sales Professional” show_less=”VTSP- VMware Technical Sales Professional” start=”hide”]VTSP is an online training program designed to provide Partners with fundamental technical knowledge about VMware vSphere. The goal is to help Partner pre-sales professionals develop the capabilities and gain the confidence to successfully guide customers through product evaluation, selection and installation based on their business requirements and/or existing IT environment.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”VCP- VMware Certified Professionals” show_less=”VCP- VMware Certified Professionals” start=”hide”]This industry-recognized certification requires completion of a VMware-authorized training course and hands-on experience with VMware technologies. Achieving the VCP certification confirms that you have the education needed to successfully install, deploy, scale and manage VMware vSphere environments, as well as the skills obtained by a minimum of six months experience with VMware infrastructure technologies.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”VSP- VMware Sales Professionals” show_less=”VSP- VMware Sales Professionals” start=”hide”]VSP is a training program designed to give Partners a foundation of general knowledge in VMware products and business practices. This training includes the most recent products and programs, including the vRAM pricing and licensing model, vSphere 5.0 and other cloud infrastructure solutions

Microsoft- Gold Partner, Small Business Specialist and a Microsoft Managed Partner

[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Small Business Specialist” show_less=”Small Business Specialist” start=”hide”]Earning the Small Business Specialist competency proves PEI’s ability to demonstrate advanced skills and technology expertise, and provide cost-effective services.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Gold Messaging” show_less=”Gold Messaging” start=”hide”]The Messaging competency shows PEI’s capacity to leverage our expertise to deliver successful Microsoft Exchange solutions.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Silver Communications” show_less=”Silver Communications” start=”hide”]The Communications competency demonstrates PEI’s ability to sell, deploy, support, and develop successful Microsoft Lync solutions.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Silver Server Platform” show_less=”Silver Server Platform” start=”hide”]Receiving the Server Platform competency shows our customers that PEI can meet demand with solutions that reduce IT infrastructure costs, reach customers more effectively, and use current resources efficiently, through the use of Windows Server and Windows Server-based infrastructure solutions.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Silver Midmarket Solution Provider” show_less=”Silver Midmarket Solution Provider” start=”hide”]Attaining the Midmarket Solution Provider competency differentiates PEI by demonstrating our expertise in providing critical infrastructure solutions, based on the most current Microsoft desktop, business-management, and server technologies, that are tailored to help midmarket business with their unique challenges.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Silver Management and Virtualization” show_less=”Silver Management and Virtualization” start=”hide”]Earning the Management and Virtualization competency prepares PEI to deliver solutions, based on Microsoft Hyper-V technology and Microsoft System Center that help drive the evolution to private cloud.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Silver Mobility” show_less=”Silver Mobility” start=”hide”]The Microsoft Mobility Competency demonstrates PEI’s ability to develop innovative mobile solutions that extend business productivity beyond the office. This is done through seamless integration with our customers’ current IT infrastructures and access to familiar Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”MCPS-Microsoft Certified Product Specialist” show_less=”MCPS-Microsoft Certified Product Specialist” start=”hide”]Individuals who demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of at least one Microsoft operating system, and have passed the certification exams that proves their technical proficiency and expertise.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”MCSE- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert” show_less=”MCSE- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert” start=”hide”]Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications are designed to recognize IT professionals who can design and build solutions across multiple technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”MCITP- Microsoft Certified IT Professional” show_less=”MCITP- Microsoft Certified IT Professional” start=”hide”]Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certifications recognize IT professionals who demonstrate skills in planning, deploying, supporting, maintaining, and optimizing IT infrastructures.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”MCTS- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist” show_less=”MCTS- Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist” start=”hide”]Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications help IT professionals target specific technologies and distinguish themselves by demonstrating in-depth knowledge and expertise.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”MCSA- Microsoft Solutions Associate” show_less=”MCSA- Microsoft Solutions Associate” start=”hide”]Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certifications validate the core technical skills required to build a sustainable career in IT. MCSA opens the door to multiple career paths and is a requirement for MCSE certifications.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”VTSP- Virtual Technology Specialist Program” show_less=”VTSP- Virtual Technology Specialist Program” start=”hide”]The Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist Program (VTSP) is a select group chosen from the elite in Microsoft’s partner community, whose focus is to augment Microsoft’s internal Technology Specialist team. Their primary role is to communicate the value of Microsoft Solutions to customers and to provide architectural guidance for Enterprise Integration solutions. The Microsoft VTSP program was designed to create a deeper relationship with Microsoft Partners, the Product Teams at Microsoft Corporate, and Regional Microsoft Offices, in order to provide highly skilled solution specialists to Microsoft customers. It is designed to enable a high performance team of partner-based resources to deliver pre-sale activities and resources to empower customers and help them meet their solution and integration needs.

Cisco-Premier Partner

[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Express Foundation” show_less=”Express Foundation” start=”hide”]Partner has learned to develop sales, technical, and service capabilities for integrated, highly secure networking solutions.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”CCNP- Cisco Certified Network Professional” show_less=”CCNP- Cisco Certified Network Professional” start=”hide”]Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) validates the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks and work collaboratively with specialists on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions. Those who achieve CCNP have demonstrated the skills required in enterprise roles such as network technician, support engineer, systems engineer or network engineer.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”CCNP-V- Cisco Certified Network Professional- Voice” show_less=”CCNP-V- Cisco Certified Network Professional- Voice” start=”hide”]Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP Voice validates advance knowledge and skills required to integrate into underlying network architectures. Furthermore, this certification validates a robust set of skills in implementing, operating, configuring, and troubleshooting a converged IP network. With a CCNP Voice certification, a network professional can create a collaboration solution that is transparent, scalable, and manageable. The CCNP Voice focuses on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Unified CallManager), quality of service (QoS), gateways, gatekeepers, IP phones, voice applications, and utilities on Cisco routers and Cisco Catalyst switches.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate” show_less=”CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate” start=”hide”]Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) validates the ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size route and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. CCNA curriculum includes basic mitigation of security threats, introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, and performance-based skills. This new curriculum also includes (but is not limited to) the use of these protocols: IP, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay, Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIPv2),VLANs, Ethernet, access control lists (ACLs).
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”CCDA- Cisco Certified Design Associate” show_less=”CCDA- Cisco Certified Design Associate” start=”hide”]Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) validates knowledge required to design a Cisco converged network. With a CCDA certification, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to design routed and switched network infrastructures and services involving LAN, WAN, and broadband access for businesses and organizations. The CCDA curriculum includes designing basic campus, data center, security, voice, and wireless networks.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”CUDN- Cisco Unity Design Specialist” show_less=”CUDN- Cisco Unity Design Specialist” start=”hide”]Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)Building upon a strong foundational knowledge of Microsoft Exchange 2000 or 2003, the Cisco Unity Design Specialist can install, configure, operate, and maintain a Cisco Unity 4.0 system in both stand-alone voice mail and unified messaging environments, and possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to create a variety of sustainable Cisco Unity design solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Cisco Express Foundation Sales Specialist” show_less=”Cisco Express Foundation Sales Specialist” start=”hide”]The Sales Specialist demonstrates a fundamental understanding of the value of IP networks for business and network architectures featuring Cisco routing and switching offerings, and the basic steps required to incorporate wireless and security technologies into the IP Network. The Cisco Express Foundation Sales Specialist has demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed to sell converged IP network solutions.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Cisco Express Foundation Design Specialist” show_less=”Cisco Express Foundation Design Specialist” start=”hide”]The Design Specialist demonstrates fundamental understanding of the IP networks, routing and switching concepts, and the basic steps required to incorporate wireless and security technologies in the IP Network. The Cisco Express Foundation Design Specialist can effectively assess customer needs, as well as design and sell converged network solutions. This includes application of Cisco-verified best practices for these tasks and use of the various job aids and tools provided to facilitate successful network design and future growth potential.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist” show_less=”Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist” start=”hide”]The Field Specialist demonstrates fundamental understanding of the IP networks, routing and switching concepts, and the basic steps required to incorporate wireless and security technologies in the IP Network. The Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist has demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively install, configure, operate and support converged IP networks.

Polycom- Solution Provider

[dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”RealPresence Solutions Specialization” show_less=”RealPresence Solutions Specialization” start=”hide”]Partners with a RealPresence Solutions Specialization achieve the highest degree of expertise within the video conferencing industry and promote open industry standards for unified communications, in line with the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform and its industry-leading open standards-based interoperability with the broadest range of UC environments, apps, and devices.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”RealPresence Immersive Specialization” show_less=”RealPresence Immersive Specialization” start=”hide”]Polycom offers the RealPresence Immersive Specialization for Partners who improve organizational productivity by accelerating business decisions, lowering operating costs, and environmental impacts with a solid return on investment through sales of Polycom RealPresence Immersive solutions, fully standards-based solutions which deliver an exceptional lifelike visual communications experience.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”RealPresence Integration Specialization” show_less=”RealPresence Integration Specialization” start=”hide”]The Polycom RealPresence Integration Specialization recognizes partner’s ability to integrate Polycom RealPresence video solutions into Microsoft environments.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”RealPresence Environments Certification” show_less=”RealPresence Environments Certification” start=”hide”]Polycom video endpoint solutions that enable enterprise-grade video collaboration across any environment; on the go with RealPresence Mobile, in the home office with RealPresence Desktop, at the work office with RealPresence Desktop and RealPresence Room, and in conference rooms with RealPresence Room solutions.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”RealPresence Immersive Certification” show_less=”RealPresence Immersive Certification” start=”hide”]Polycom immersive telepresence solutions that enable enterprise-grade video collaboration across any environment in immersive theaters.
[/dropdown_box] [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”RealPresence Platform Certification” show_less=”RealPresence Platform Certification” start=”hide”]Enterprise-grade reliability, security, availability, and scalability for video networks is provided by the Polycom RealPresence Platform, a comprehensive, open standards-based software infrastructure; includes Universal Video Collaboration, Video Resource Management, Virtualization Management, Universal Access and Security, and Video Content Management.